Sep 07 2022

The 2022 Women's Volleyball Club World Cup once again settled in Turkey Waqif and Issa played

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The Turkish Volleyball Association announced that the 2022 Fivé women's volleyball Club World Cup will be settled in Turkey

OKbet sports on September 8 news, the Turkish Volleyball Association Chairman Akif revealed on the 7th that the 2022 Women's Volleyball Club World Cup will still be settled in Turkey, and the competition will be held from December 12 to 18. Turkey will have two clubs to play. In addition to Champions League champions Vakifbank, Boskovic's IsachiBashi will also play in the Club World Cup after 2019 after 3 years.

In 2021, Ankara, Turkey hosted the Women's Volleyball Club World Cup for the first time. There has been previous news that Minas de Brazil intends to host this year's Men's and Women's Volleyball Club World Cup at the same time. In addition to the host team Isaac Bashi, according to the results of the continental club championships, there are 5 teams that are eligible to participate, namely the Champions League champions and runners-up Turkey Vakifer Bank and Italy Conegliano, the South American Club Championship champions and runners-up Brazil Minas and Ulambedia Beach, and the Asian Club Cup champions Kazakhstan Kuanesh.

The number of teams participating in the 2022 FIVB Volleyball Club World Cup has not yet been determined, and it may increase from 6 to 8 teams, and if the final expansion will be carried out, there will be clubs with wild cards. The details of this women's volleyball club world cup are subject to further confirmation by the FIVB.

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