Sep 08 2022

Former Dutch women's volleyball national player Sloterjes will appear at the World Championships in a new capacity

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Sloterjes represented the Dutch women's volleyball team in the battle

Okbet sports on September 7 news, the Netherlands women's volleyball former national player, the receiving star Sloterjes will replace Bass van der Gul as the 2022 women's volleyball World Championships Netherlands division director. Previously, the position was played by two players in the Dutch men's and women's volleyball team, Bass van der Gull and Freer.

Bass van der Guer is a famous Dutch men's volleyball star who won the gold medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Last week he underwent surgery for a fall injury while riding a bicycle and was forced to resign as world championships event director. Part of the responsibilities of Director of Bass-van der Gull will be entrusted to Sloterjes.

Sloterjes was selected for the Dutch women's volleyball team in 2007 and has represented the national team for 13 years. As the top scorer of the Dutch team, he helped his team to achieve the 4th place in the best record in team history at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the 2018 World Championships. In February 2021, Sloterjes announced his retirement via personal social media.

Sloterjes represented the Dutch women's volleyball team in two World Championships during his sporting career, finishing tied for 13th place in 2014 and finishing fourth in the round of 4 in 2018. At the upcoming 2022 Women's Volleyball World Championship, she will appear in a new identity.

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