Sep 14 2022

American star Anderson scouted by Russian Premier League

By Coro
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September 14 - American star Anderson, who has signed with Beijing men's volleyball team, has been scouted by Russian club Zenit St. Petersburg and will not play in the 2022-2023 volleyball season. It is reported that Anderson was impressed by the high salary offered by Zenit St. Petersburg, which will pay Beijing a compensation to sign Anderson.

Anderson, 35, is a famous American men's volleyball player who can play both the main attacker and setter positions. The handsome, skilled Anderson is a popular player who helped the U.S. win the 2015 World Cup and was personally named MVP. the U.S. men's volleyball team finished 6th at the recently concluded 2022 World Championships with Anderson as the starting setter, losing 2-3 in five sets against defending champion Poland in the quarterfinals.

Anderson was signed to the Shanghai men's volleyball team for the 2020-2021 season, but an epidemic affected the postponement of the men's Volleyball Super League, causing him to leave the team without being able to compete.

From 2012 to 2019, Anderson played seven seasons for Zenit Kazan in the Russian Premier League. The destruction of Beijing to sign Zenit St. Petersburg, will be Anderson after 3 years to return to the Russian Premier League.

For the Beijing men's volleyball team, Anderson is determined to be unable to join at this time, and the team will have difficulty finding a suitable replacement in the transfer market.

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