Sep 14 2022

Dort 0-3 Leipzig Sobosloy World Wave

By Coro
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On September 10, okbet sports, the sixth round of the Bundesliga, RB Leipzig played at home against Borussia Dortmund, which was the debut of former Dortmund boss Rozer in charge of Leipzig. In the first half, Just after the opening Orban scored with a header in a corner kick opportunity, leipzig, who then played at home, created multiple offensive opportunities, werner also missed a single knife because of offside, Sobosloy world wave; In the second half, neither side had many good chances until Hydara scored in the final moments and finally Leipzig were 3-0. Key event:

In the 6th minute, Red Bull scored! Sobosloy's corner kick from the right was headed into the box by Orban before the header. RB Leipzig 1-0 dots.


Leipzig 1-0, Orban

In the 45th minute, Red Bull extended the score! Sobosloi picked up West Macan and fired a long-range shot from the centre of the road, red bull 2-0 dortmund.

Leipzig 2-0, Sobosloy

In the 84th minute, Red Bull sealed the win! Sobosloy steal success Nkunku straight into the Severna penalty area crossed the right side of the Hydara pushed the empty goal, Leipzig 3-0 Red Bull.

Leipzig 3-0, Hydara

technical stats: Both sides line-ups:

RB Leipzig starters: 1 Gulasic, 37 Diallo (76'32 Gwadior), 2 Simakán (67'39 Henricis), 4 Willy Orban, 22 Raum, 24 Schlagel, 27 Lemer (84'44 Campour), 10 Fossberg (77'8 Heidara), 11 Werner (84'19 Andrei Silva), 17 Sobosloy, 18 Nkunku

Not substitutes: 21-Blaswich, 9-Poulson, 23-Halstenberg, 38-Novoa

Dortmund starters: 33-Meier, 17-Wolff (58'7-Rayner), 4-Sloterbek, 25-Jules, 13-Guerrero, 24-Ménier, 6-Erzcan, 11-Reus, 19-Brandt (58'18-Mukoco), 22-Bellingham, 20-Modeste

Not coming off the bench: 35-Lotka, 15-Hummels, 23-Emre Jan, 30-Paslak, 36-Tom Rott, 44-Sumira Koulibaly, 49-Nkinma

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