Sep 14 2022

2022 Chinese Premier League top scorer list

By Coro
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2022 Chinese Super League will open on June 3, I believe that fans across the country are cheering for their home team, so what players are in the Chinese Super League top scorer list this season


2022 Chinese Premier League top scorer list

Top scorers of the 2022 Chinese Super League
sortPlayersTeamGoals (penalties)
1MalcolmThree towns in Wuhan16(2)
2Zhang YuningBeijing Guoan10(1)
3DavidsonThree towns in Wuhan9(1)
4CressanTaishan, Shandong8(1)
5VukanovichMeizhou Hakka7
6JunierChangchun Yatai7
7Stan HughThree towns in Wuhan7
8AndreasevichZhejiang team7(1)
9MushekwiZhejiang team7(1)
10ForbesWuhan Yangtze River7(1)
11Lin LiangmingDalian people6
12KalangaHenan Songshan Longmen6
13Zhang WeiHebei team6(1)
14AchimpenShenzhen team6(1)
15RodrigueMeizhou Hakka5
16BartonTianjin Jinmen Tiger5
17EricChangchun Yatai5
18Tan LongChangchun Yatai5
19Xie PengfeiThree towns in Wuhan5
20Zhu JianrongShanghai Shenhua5

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