Sep 14 2022

UEFA official: Next season all Teams in Russia will continue to have a total ban

By Coro
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UEFA today issued an announcement to update the relevant decisions on the Russian men's and women's national teams and clubs, and next season, Russian clubs and national teams will continue to be banned.

UEFA said that Russian clubs will not participate in the UEFA 2022-23 season, and next season Russia's point coefficient will be calculated according to the lowest score in Russia's previous five years, with 4.333 points for men's football and 1.750 points for women's football.

The Russian national team will not participate in the 2022-23 UEFA Nations League, confirming the bottom relegation of the group, after Russia was placed in the second group of the B class along with Iceland, Israel and Albania, and they will directly rank fourth in the group and sixteenth in the B group, relegated to the C class.

The Russian women's football team will not participate in the Women's European Championship, Portugal will be re-qualified, while the Russian women's football team was expelled from the World Preliminary Round, and their E group was changed to 5 teams to continue.

Finally, UEFA also rejected Russia's bid for Euro 2028 or 2032.

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