Sep 14 2022

The post-00s will win the US Open! Buque Jenna watched the scene kiss too much to steal the camera

By Coro
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U.S. Open men's singles final match on September 12, 2019 started today, 19-year-old Spanish talented teenager Alcaraz against Rude, and finally the post-00s youngster Alcaraz defeated his opponent 6-4/2-6/7-6 (1)/6-3 to win the championship, he made history, becoming the first post-00s Grand Slam men's singles champion, while he also created another record, 7 games totaled 23 hours and 39 minutes, becoming the most time spent in a single Grand Slam in the tennis world. In an interview after the game, Alcaraz said that he was working hard, his heart was too excited, and now I think of my grandfather and all the people I like but can't come to see me.


Looking back at Alcaraz's way to promotion, it is not easy, eliminated 3 seeded players, three consecutive games since the fourth round through the decider to win and lose, the field is a bitter battle, the first set of the game, Alcaraz in the third set to meet the break, 6-4 to win the first set, the second set of the game Rude timely adjustment, 6:2 to pull back the first set, the third set of the game, the two each broke once, the score once came to 6:6 draw, Alcaraz continuously resolved the set, 7-6 won the seven, the big score 2:1 lead, In the fourth set, Alcaraz won 6-3, and finally Alcaraz reached the top of no. 1 with the first Grand Slam title, becoming the youngest world number one since ATP created the points ranking system.

Today's US Open final scene attracted a lot of celebrities, see how many you know:

The following pair is more familiar to us, the NBA Suns player Booker, as well as the supermodel Jenna, the two sprinkled dog food on the spot, sweet kiss too much to grab the camera, before there was news that the two broke up, today's two appearances are also to break up the rumors of the breakup, in fact, the two are very high-profile recently, held yesterday's fashion week, Booker accompanied the supermodel girlfriend Jenna to attend, according to US media reports: The two have been together again.

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