Sep 14 2022

This morning! 1 signing and 1 layoffs were completed, and Rose joined hands with Harden to expose the transaction plan

By Coro
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At present, the NBA trading market is still in progress, and all teams are actively preparing to help the team complete the comprehensive upgrade and reinforcement of the lineup this summer, in order to get more wins in the new season, attracting the attention of tens of thousands of fans. At the same time, other dynamics above the trading market are equally appealing, with 1 signing and 1 layoff complete! Rose's joint Harden trading plan has been exposed, and it is worth taking a look at it together.

As preseason approaches, more and more teams are shifting their sights to the free agent market in order to be able to complete the hunt among these free agents. Today, the Toronto Raptors offered small forward Josh Jackson a one-year, $1.84 million non-guaranteed contract, meaning he needs to play the team's expected performance in the new season to stay in the team. As the No. 4 show of 2017, Jackson was on par with Greenshirts star Tatum, and was even considered a better player than Tatum. However, the talented him was constantly in trouble off the pitch, and the team could not bear to abandon it, and he still failed to gain a foothold after mixing with many teams.

Some players were abandoned before the start of the new season, and Hawks striker Chandy Brown was laid off this morning. Previously, Brown signed a two-way contract with the Eagles to try to get a formal contract by playing the expected performance in the new season, and now it is really regrettable that he has been cut in advance! Last season, Brown averaged 9.7 points, 4.7 rebounds and 1.3 assists per game.

On the same day, the US media exposed the deal plan between Derrick Rose and Harden, and the 2-for-1 deal is expected to be reached in the near future. The specific deal between the two sides is like this, the 76ers sending big forward Harris, and the Knicks sending Rose and small forward Fournier. Last season, Because Harden's addition greatly reduced Harris's role on the offensive end, he failed to achieve the expected effect of the team without the ball in hand. Now with the arrival of Tucker and Harrell, Harris's playing time will be further compressed, and he looks very luxurious for the 76ers with the highest salary on the team. On the contrary, the addition of Rose and Fournier can improve the depth of the team's substitute lineup, and they have a role in the offensive end.

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