Sep 14 2022

Heywood shows affection, and the all-round supermodel wife is enviable

By Coro
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OKBET sports broadcast on September 13 recently Hayward updated his social media, he posted a video of his own shooting training, the video of Hayward constantly carrying out three-point projection, and his wife is helping Hayward pick up the ball under the basket, for many fans who like to play basketball, shooting themselves, girlfriends help themselves pick up the ball will be a particularly happy thing, but such things are too few, golfers can only think.

In addition, Hayward also wrote on social media: the meal is ready, the hygiene is done, the children are coaxed to sleep, help me pick up rebounds, the best wife, and then Hayward's wife updated the story, and wrote on the review: "I am very talented!" Many fans said: "Immortals, winners in life." It has to be said that Hayward is a big winner both on the basketball court and in life.

Hayward entered the NBA through the draft in 2010, then played for several teams, played for the Jazz from 2010 to 2017, and joined the Celtics in July 2017. He signed a four-year, $128 million contract with the team, and the following season, Hayward suffered a leg injury, ups and downs, although the injury affected, the state fluctuated, but in November 2020, Hayward still signed a four-year $120 million contract with the Hornets, and Hayward had a great harvest in the NBA.

Hayward on the field is married to an excellent wife, not only beautiful people, but also in all aspects can be said to be very good, she once worked as a model, but also a volleyball player, once led the varsity team to win the Indiana State Championship, in 2013 the two met, now living quite happy, the two people currently have 4 children, Hayward and his wife often post photos of their love on social media, envy others.

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