Sep 14 2022

The 37-year-old James still practiced shirtless during his vacation, worthy of being the first self-disciplined person in the league

By Coro
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On September 14, according to the US media TMZ, Lakers star LeBron James still insisted on practicing shirtless during his vacation, which is worthy of being a model of league self-discipline.

According to reports, James recently took a luxury yacht on a vacation in the waters of Portofino, Italy, enjoyed the island scenery with his beloved wife Savannah, and walked hand in hand too happily; Today, a reporter from the shore took a picture of James insisting on training on the deck of the yacht; James went shirtless, wearing only a pair of tight pants, and completed a number of core strength and body balance training such as weightlifting, squat, stretching and so on.

The 37-year-old James is really self-disciplined, and during the vacation, he still does not forget to practice hard and actively prepare for the new season; James averaged 30+ per game last season and still has not led the team to the playoffs, and his goal in the new season is naturally the championship.

The current Lakers lineup still has great flaws, especially in terms of three-point shooting; However, the Lakers are still brewing some deals, Bojan is their potential target, and the Lakers have the first round picks in 2027 and 2029, which is their chip for reinforcements; In addition, the Lakers are still trying to trade Westbrook, which is open to this.

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