Sep 14 2022

Wade has decided to leave TNT: no conflict with the company Leaving True Cause wants to focus more on other businesses

By Coro
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On September 14, according to The New York Post reporter Andrew Mwrchand, Dwyane Wade will not return to TNT this season as an NBA commentator.

In 2019, Wade signed with Warner Media as a guest commentator for TNT, when ESPN was also interested in signing Wade to commemorate the All-Star Game and the playoffs, and the 40-year-old Wade played an important role in the TNT show; Fast forward 3 years, and even though TNT wanted him to stay, Wade still made the decision to leave TNT because he wanted to focus on other businesses.

According to reports, there is no contradiction between Wade and TNT, and Wade's move is completely unrelated to the recent layoffs of Warner Bros., the parent company of Turner Media.

Wade, 40, has decided to leave TNT and is not expected to appear on other NBA shows this season.


In the future, Wade will be inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame, is expected to be officially inducted next year, a career of 16 years, has played for the Heat, Bulls and Cavaliers three teams, played for the Heat for 14 years, career average of 22 points, 5.4 assists and 4.7 rebounds per game, 13 times selected for the All-Star, 3 times to win the championship, 1 time to win the FMVP, 1 time to score the king, the No. 3 jersey has long been retired by the Heat, selected as the top 75 stars.

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