Sep 14 2022

Expected to exceed $1 billion! Curry is close to renewing his lifelong contract at least until he is 38 years old before considering retiring

By Coro
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According to the Rolling Stones magazine on September 14, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is close to completing a lifetime contract extension with Under Armour, and the total price is expected to exceed 1 billion US dollars; Under Armour also set up a personal brand for Curry; Curry revealed that he played at least until he was 38 years old before considering retiring.


In 2013, Curry's contract renewal negotiations with Nike were very unsuccessful, when Nike did not value Curry at all and was very insincere to him, and eventually Curry left Nike and signed Under Armour for an annual endorsement fee of $4 million.

After leaving Nike to join Under Armour, Curry won the regular season MVP in the 14-15 season and led the Warriors to the championship.

In 2015, Curry and Under Armour renewed their nine-year, $215 million endorsement contract, which soared to more than $20 million a year, a contract that expires in 2024; It turned out that Nike's decision at that time was wrong, Anderma relied on Curry alone to make a fortune, the brand value increased and the stock price soared; Now Curry is about to renew a lifetime contract with Under Armour, which is expected to cost more than $1 billion, similar to Nike's contract with Jordan, Curry has a personal brand to enjoy Jordanian treatment.

When will Curry retire in the future? Curry said in an interview: At least finish the current contract, and then consider when to retire.

Curry currently has 4 years and $215 million left on his contract, and he will turn 38 when the contract expires; In other words, Curry will not consider retiring until at least 38.


There is no doubt that Curry has become one of the greatest players in the history of the Warriors and the NBA, and so far in his career, Curry has played for the Warriors for 12 years, 8 times selected as an All-Star, 2 scoring kings, 1 steal king, 2 MVP, 4 championships and 1 FMVP, NBA history Regular Season three-point king and playoff three-point king, but also changed the basketball game.

In the new season, the 34-year-old Curry once again led the team to start the road to defending the title, do you think Curry can win several championship trophies in the next 4 years?

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