Sep 14 2022

Westbrook appeared in New York to celebrate melons! Brotherhood of two cooperation Is there still drama in the new season

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On September 14, Lakers star Wei Shao appeared at the Vin Sur Vingt Bar in New York to celebrate Anthony's wine brand VII(N). In an anthony's dynamics, Wei Shao and melon cups took a group photo, and Wei Shao also took the red wine and said to the camera: "I came for my brother Melo, congratulations to you, Melo, insist on what you did, I will take this bottle with me." Cheers!"

Anthony and Westbrook are the same stars of the Jordan brand, and they also participated in brand activities together two days ago, playing together on the court. In the NBA, Anthony and Westbrook have also worked together twice, once in the Thunder in 2017-18 and once with the Lakers last season. The two have a deep brotherly relationship and a good relationship off the field.

Bleacher Report brings the latest developments from Westbrook and Anthony. Eric Pincus said The 33-year-old is a logical trade candidate, but executives on other teams say they're not sure the Lakers are willing to take a first round, let alone two, in order to get rid of Westbrook's contract. "Unless the returns can greatly improve the squad," Eric Pincus said. In other words, if the deal does not significantly improve the strength of the Lakers, the Lakers will be more willing to stay for another year, while also keeping their two first-round picks.

If Westbrook stays on the team and becomes teammates last season, will they still join forces in the new season? From the current situation, it is unlikely. Because the Lakers have not shown the willingness to sign Melon again, Melon's No. 7 jersey has also been draped on the body of new signing Troy Brown. Eric Pincus said that while Greens new signing Gallinari was reimbursed for the season due to a torn cruciate ligament, the Celtics were not interested in signing melons before training camp. The 38-year-old veteran can still improve the team's offense, but he also brings some defensive hidden dangers.

In addition to promoting his own wine brand, Anthony also attended Fashion Week in New York, where he chatted with Leonard for a while. Leonard was reimbursed for injury last season, and he was active at Fashion Week, not only chatting with melons, but also taking photos with Rose.

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